Wedding Photography Guide For Brides

Wedding Photography Guide For Brides

A Guide To Make Your Wedding Day Go Smoothly


Wedding Photography Guide for Brides – I’m sure you already know that choosing the right wedding photographer is just as important as choosing the right groom. Just kidding. Getting the right photographer is important, but there are lots of things that YOU can do to ensure that your wedding photos are as good as they can be.

Wedding Photography Guide for Brides – Pre-Wedding Photo shootHaving a pre-wedding photo shoot can improve your wedding pictures more than anything else you might do. Think about it, your photographer is VERY comfortable on his end of the camera. The time you spend with your photographer in front of the camera will help you become more comfortable being the subject.

Try to get to know your photographer. Have fun. Be crazy. Let’s face it; those “magazine bride photos” that you have been looking at do not happen all by themselves. They are well planned, rehearsed, and the photo that you finally see in the magazine was probably picked from hundreds of photos. The more time you spend with your photographer, the more likely it is that he will

A Crash Course on Professional Wedding Photography

A Crash Course on Professional Wedding Photography


Crash Course on Professional Wedding Photography – Essential Equipment

  • Two camera bodies that share the same lenses
  • Two flashes (strobes) plus cables, etc.
  • 28mm Wide-angle prime lens, or 28mm-70mm zoom
  • 50mm standard lens F1.8 or even better F1.4 for low light situations
  • Not essential, but handy for candids and from back of church images is a 75mm-300mm zoom lens or similar
  • Twice as much film as you think, or minimum of two large capacity (250MB – 1GB) digital storage cards depending on your camera
  • At least twice as many batteries as you think you will need
  • Two white reflectors
  • Diffusion (soft-focus) filter
  • Red filter (for black & white only)
  • 85c warming filter for grey days
  • Tripod for formal photos
  • Lens hoods to control flare

Crash Course on Professional Wedding Photography – Planning the wedding shoot

You must have a timetable to work from, or you will fail miserably.

You must always remember:

  • The Bride is never on time
  • Cars are sometimes late arriving
  • Ministers will often talk for longer than expected
  • Traffic may be chaotic
  • Something may have been forgotten somewhere

Murphy, being the Patron Saint of Wedding Photographers, will no doubt ensurethat if anything can go wrong, it will, and usually at the most inopportunemoment. Allow for

Amateur Wedding Photography Tips

Amateur Wedding Photography Tips

Basic Wedding Photography Tips for the Amateur


Amateur Wedding Photography Tips – Since I have been using the internet over the past 4-5 years, I have come across many photography sites, some quite excellent and some that are quite honestly abysmal.

The danger with the internet is that when a “photographer” with a newly built website, is possibly someone who has just taken up photography, bought themselves an overly expensive and professional camera and then maybe stumbled across a great photo or two!

They then learn how to do a few tricks or manipulations with editing software such as Photoshop and “Da-Naa” they are a professional photographer.

I wouldn’t want to put anyone off this great hobby, past-time or vocation, but it is extremely important to establish the credibility of the individual giving out the advice and amateur wedding photography tips, PARTICULARLY when it comes to wedding photography.

I have occasionally read amateur wedding photography tips and advice from sites on the net that really wouldn’t pass muster as being from a wedding photographer, as not once did I see the words professional or professionalism. Anyone can click away with a top end digital